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Extreme Gaming Rigs

We build high performance computers for gaming pushed to the limit, heavy business applications like CAD or everyday White Box PC's for general or business use. TNT Digital Media recognises that PC's are the only platform that can utilize the highest level of gaming technology currently available; you cannot achieve the level of fidelity on a console platform that you can on a dedicated gaming system. TNT Digital Media can get you into 2017 technology for as little as $750. Some of the gaming rigs featured in the slides have a retail value of over $4000 so really your budget and the sky is the limit.

Why build with TNT?

TNT Digital Media will build you a custom white box gaming PC that isnt limited like a black box solution.

With a custom white box solution you get a spyware and adware free computer that is ready to tackle your computing needs free from bloatware.


All of our computer building services are a flat rate of $90 over the costs of the parts.

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