Internet Security

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Internet Security

Today internet security is taken for granted; as was said by Andy Yen, the Co-Founder of ProtonMail, in a recent TED Talk: "Today our we have a massive amount of data on the internet and our data will indifinatly outlive us", it is important to take steps now to secure your personal data away from prying eyes and take back privacy so that we only have to share our data with the people we want to.

Secure Email Starts with ProtonMail

TNT Digital Media recommends ProtonMail. ProtonMail is encrypted, open source, person to person email that allows your emails to be read by only those you want reading them. ProtonMail was created by the scientists and engineers at CERN these are the people who work with the Large Hadron Collider and represent some of the best minds this world has to offer.

Private browsing

Securing your email is only the beginning, with TNT Digital Media we will sit down and teach you the basics of internet privacy: How to secure your privacy, how to prevent yourself from becoming infected with malware and viruses, and how to keep yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft or having your email hacked and your contacts exposed.